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Free iFacts PDA Survey

At iFacts we strongly believe that the Personal Development Analysis tool is an effective employee vetting and development tool.  We would like to obtain your opinion on the use of such tools and will share the information in our next newsletter. We will be offering a FREE PDA Assessment for one of the lucky people who respond to the link. Click here to complete the survey. We would like to congratulate Chanel Mason from Indgro Multi S...

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Beware of Non- Compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (No. 4 of 2013) (POPI Act)!

The Protection of Personal Information Act (No. 4 of 2013) (or POPI Act) is soon to be promulgated in South Africa. iFacts, one of the leading employee vetting companies in South Africa, has taken steps to ensure that their clients who make use of the iFacts online system are protected, and that they understand the risks related to the Act. Jenny Reid of iFacts recently discussed the matter with Kevin McCallum of Tuckers Incorporated, who ...

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Cultural Fit in the Workplace: How Personality Affects Hiring and Teamwork

I am a sincere believer that qualifications and experience are not the be-all and end-all of finding the right person to fill a job. Finding the person with the right sort of personality can be just as important and should actually play a major role in your hiring process. 89% of hiring failures are based primarily on a bad cultural fit (Erika Anderson, contributor to Forbes.com, in her article “The Most Important Reason People Fail in a...

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Find your perfect match with iFacts

"87% of people who leave their organization or their team do so because of personality conflicts and not because of their capabilities" (Dr. Kurt Einstein). Making a bad hire has the potential to ruin a business. This might seem overly dramatic, but this hard truth has been proven many times over. By making a better hire, and removing as much risk out of the equation as possible, you can give your company the best chance of making the corr...

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Free iFacts TRAINING

iFacts is of the firm belief that in order to make the lives of our clients easier, and to ensure that the vetting services we offer provide the maximum value, we offer a monthly training session for our users. These sessions will provide users with in depth skills on how to make the best use of our services, and they provide an excellent opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have. We highly recommend that all users attend at lea...

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Employee Engagement

If you thought generous salaries and good benefits were the most important driving factors for a well-motivated team of staff, think again. While these factors certainly do help, human psychology is a strange thing. Over and over we have seen statistics that proved beyond doubt that the one thing that drives employees, encourages active engagement and ultimately creates a productive environment is when those employees feel heard, recognise...

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Social Media

The introduction of the social media screening service has shown us how vulnerable companies are when employees run rampant online.  Our clients have indicated that they believe that they were covering all the bases by doing a Facebook search or checking on candidates on Linked In but what has shocked them is the amount of information uncovered by the formal social media check that highlights risks the Human Resource department would never h...

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Person Contact Trace

With the ever-changing world we live in we, at iFacts, need to stay on top of the regulations regarding employee screening & vetting services. The latest changes we have are related to credit checks. We are aware that many clients have used a credit check to verify contact details and employment information in a CV as candidates are often desperate to get finance and will give information willingly yet they will hide information on t...

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iFacts Social Media Assessments set to change the way in which we vet candidates

Imagine you wake up on a Monday morning to see your company’s social media accounts buzzing with activity… but not the good kind. Your brand name is being mentioned in a Social Media scandal on the radio and the news…. And all because one of your new employees has made a racist remark on their personal Facebook page. It happened to Standard Bank with Chris Hart, and Jawitz Properties with Penny Sparrow. In today’s world, it could very...

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The Internet never sleeps and neither do the social media gaffes ever stop

  From singling out racist comments and individuals, to the distribution of fake news and alternative facts, 2017 has seen Social Media come under the spotlight. Most recently, Government intends to monitor and control our favourite platforms, leaving the public outraged and questioning their freedom of speech. Minister of State Security David Mahlobo had said over the weekend that social media could be regulated in future to preve...

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