iFacts FAQ

Do you have a question that you need answered? If so please take a look and the Frequently asked questions below. If these answers do not answer your question, please feel free to contact us directly via our CONTACT page.

General Questions

What checks can I do through iFacts?
What is the price of a check on the system?
Can I conduct a check on an individual without their permission?
How do I become a client of iFacts?
How do I pay for my enquiry?

Criminal Record Checks

What is the difference between a criminal record check and a police clearance certificate?
Where is the iFacts Head Office?
Can I re-sell iFacts services?
Are there any other iFacts Branches?

Background Checks

What is a background check?
What does it mean if an employer uses background checks?
Why should you get a personal background check?
How can a background check help you?

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