iFacts Benefits

Happy Employees

  • Have reduced levels of absenteeism
  • Are more creative and productive and far more likely to meet deadlines
  • Are good team players and a positive influence on others
  • Are more likely stay with the company


Honest Employees

  • Will point out situations that could have a negative impact on the organisation before they arise
  • Follow company policy and ensure that others do so as well
  • Have strong leadership skills
  • Address customer issues immediately

Ethical Employees

  • Are less likely to form inappropriate relationships with customers and other employees
  • Understand the importance of not sharing confidential company information
  • Avoid improper conduct, fraud and corruption
  • Ultimately have the company’s best interest at heart and help your business to prosper

Loyal Employees

  • Support management decisions and help maintain positive Corporate Climate
  • Avoid gossip and negativity
  • Are more likely to stay with the organisation and add real growth and value


Productive Employees

  • More likely to meet deadlines and hardly ever take any sick leave
  • Have a direct impact on your organisation’s bottom-line
  • Have a positive impact on other employees within the organisation
  • Are far more motivated and take initiative instead of sitting back and waiting for others to lead the way


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