Online Integrity Assessments & Behavioural Assessments.

Online Integrity Assessment

The CV looks good, and the qualifications are genuine, but is the applicant right for the position you want to fill? iFacts provides a series of Integrity Assessment that will help you determine the applicant’s suitability. iFacts has partnered with Integrity International (INTEG) to offer the widest range of psychometric and Integrity Assessments tests. These tests adhere to the critical psychometric properties of reliability, validity and fairness. The tests are subjected to continuous research and upgrading to adhere to any significant changes and requirements in the market.


PDA Assessments

After years of research and investigation PDA International has developed the PDA Assessment. PDA International now focuses on selling, training and implementing the PDA Assessment tool to Clients and Partners in more than 30 countries.

PDA International has designed and implements training and consulting solutions based on reports, graphs and information obtained with the PDA Assessment. This generates great impact in every HR process, empowering employees, collaborators, team members and managers, helping them to overcome challenges.

PDA International Consultants are professionals with vast experience in Talent Management, Recruiting and Employee Relations. They work together with Clients and Partners by offering and encouraging, among many other aspects, trust, constant changes and improvements, growth and creative solutions.


Peak Performance Toolkit

The PEAK Performance Toolkit ™ Diagnostic (PPT™), iFacts’  service offering, responds to this need by providing a digital platform to track and measure work and personal goals in “real- time”.

It incorporates a range of continuous-use and accountability mechanisms. Additionally, the PPT™ Diagnostic is self-validating, which gives the business leader peace of mind when measuring performance.

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