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I read with interest recently that pupils at a school were going to boycott lessons because they were not allowed to wear skinny pants. This sparked a whole debate about whether or not schools should have uniforms etc. I remember being at school (albeit many years ago) and not being happy that we had to […]

Retail Industry

I am a huge fan of online shopping – I find it a time waster to have to get to a shopping centre, find a parking, deal with unhappy staff who don’t want to necessarily help customers, queue to pay for my goods, pay for my parking and move on to the next activity I […]


I am sure we have all driven down the road and seen a lady with young children either begging or just sitting on the pavement. I am always torn with the feeling I must give them something and the notices we constantly get saying that we need to support an organization that encourages such people […]

Cost of Replacing Staff

Employing staff is always a challenge – are we going to get the right person, will the culture fit be right and will they be productive? I recently read that if you need to replace an employee it can cost you between 16 and 213% of the annual salary of that employee. With statistics like […]

Count your blessings.

  With so much news hitting us these days and sadly it is not always good news – terrorism attacks, state capture and the economy only growing by 0.3% in 2016 I have found it really hard to be inspired to write a blog.   I do find that I need to count my blessings in life […]

A new focus on happiness – The iFacts Performance Toolkit

Having just returned from a wonderful adventure, I was thrilled when last week the amazing Deshun Deysel addressed many of our clients at the iFacts Business Breakfast. She spoke about the new performance tool that iFacts is now able to offer. Listening to her and her incredible message made me understand how we all have […]

Loving or Caring for your Children

It continues to frighten me when I hear or read about how many children are being raped, murdered, abused or neglected in our country. Sadly it seems that in so many cases it is by people who have been hired to care for these children, in one form or another.   I recently read another […]


My journey through Africa continues and I am still enjoying it completely. The joy I have received from giving a child a pair of shoes, a soccer ball or a small packet of sweets is so incredible and the smiles on their faces is something you cannot purchase. One of the strange things that I […]


Recently I have lost a few friends, all of whom had family that experienced numerous problems when trying to wrap up their loved one’s estate. I have also just read about the fact that Joost van der Westhuizen did not have a valid will. The scary thing is that his death was by no means […]

Put Foot Rally 2017

Today, I consider myself extremely privileged. I am sitting in a campsite in Maun in the middle of the 2017 Put Foot rally where we have the opportunity to travel through Southern Africa, meeting amazing people and giving back to the community. Travelling the thousands of kilometres obviously gives you time to think and being the […]

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