Questionnaire: Refirement 50+ Services

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Introduction and purpose
A team of passionate South Africans are investigating setting up a community of skilled and experienced people over 50. It will create meaningful work opportunities for these people and provide the market with cost effective skills and experience. It will allow corporates, SMEs and NGOs to find mentors to develop and grow the people in their organisation, to fill skills gaps on a short term contractual basis and to tap into the collective wisdom to help with economic and social transformation. Please can you take the time to answer this survey to help us understand the landscape of the current workplace and your challenging current and future skills demands.
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What kind of organisation are you?  Small Business
 Medium size business
 National Company
 Social Enterprise
Do you ever hire people over 50?  Yes
If NO: please state reason
Do you offer any educational facilitation or coaching to your staff before they retire around planning the next chapter of their life (not financial education)?  Yes
If you need to retrench employees over 50 do you offer any outplacement processes?  Yes
If you do not offer these services currently, are you interested?  Yes
Do you offer phased retirement to some scarce skilled employees?  Yes
Do you use mentors with younger employees to advance their skills?  Yes
Would you hire older experience for project/ contract work?  Yes
Would you be interested in investing in an “encore” model? (Engaging executives in using their skills in a gap year in social sector in their area of passion and skill)  Yes
Would you be interested in skilled business people who are over 50 and no longer permanently employed to mentor young entrepreneurs?  Yes
How many people do you have in your organisation over 50?  Less than 10
Would you be interested in using retired skills to help drive your organisations CSI strategies?  Yes
Would you be interested in using retired skills to help volunteer on your CSI initiatives?  Yes
Do you struggle to find experienced effective board members/ non-executive directors?  Yes
What are your current skills challenges?
What do you think your future skills challenges will be and how could this community assist you?
Would it be beneficial to you if the members are already vetted?  Yes
Would you be open to rating the people that you hire and them rating you (like Uber)?  Yes
Do you do employee volunteering?  Yes
Please add any other comments you may have!

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