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Have you done a Psychometric (Behavioural / Characteristic) Test before?  Yes
 Not sure what a Psychometric test is
If you answered yes to the answer above, what is the name of the Psychometric test that you have done previously?
What would be the most important thing you would want to find out in a Psychometric Test?  Your Leadership Style
 How to manage staff
 Understanding if an employee fits the company culture
 How a team works together and / or how to manage a team
 Your Behavioural Style
Are you interested to know about your or your employee's 'Self-Control (the ability to control one’s behaviour, in particular one's emotions) and 'Energy Level' (energy in your natural state and at work, and how would it affect you mentally and physically)?  Yes
PDA analyses your behaviour, leadership, and also job competency fit. Would this type of psychometric test interest you?  Yes

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