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Criminal record check - via fingerprints R199.50
Outstanding traffic fines R114.00
Deeds Office Search R213.18
Credit check - basic (Compuscan) R51.30
Credit check - basic (Transunion) R60.42
Credit check - basic (XDS) R51.30
Verification of SA passport R171.00
Verification of Work Permit R370.50
Vehicle ownership (ID based) R102.60
Drivers license verification R114.00
PDP Verification R114.00
Verification of ID number R11.40
Verification of CV references (per reference) R57.00
Directors (CIPC) Check R51.30
Other local qualification verification R120.84
Employee record at CCMA R51.30
Association Verification - PSIRA R51.30
Association Verification - SACE R51.30
Association Verification - HPCSA R51.30
Association Verification - Nursing Council R51.30
If a qualification check is required, please ensure that the following has been filled in, and please ensure that you fax a copy of the qualification certificate to iFacts on fax number 086 591 6639
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Indemnity obtained for Criminal record check?
Indemnity obtained for Credit check?
In terms of Regulation 19(12) of the National Credit Act, you confirm that you are not accessing consumer credit information for employment purposes, or if the information is for employment purposes you certify that your request relates to a position requiring honesty in dealing with cash or finances, and the job description of such position is clearly outlined
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